[Comedy] Dragon Half (OVA) (Sub) Seasson 1 + 2 + 3

[Comedy] Dragon Half (OVA) (Sub) Seasson 1 + 2 + 3

Knights and Dragons are mortal enemies, right? And everyone knows what happens when a Knight meets a Dragon, right? Wrong! When a Knight and a Dragon meet and fall in love, the result is Mink, a precocious young female who’s half human, half dragon and all trouble! Exactly how much trouble? Well, in consideration of the fact that having vestigial wings and a tail isn’t a problem most teenage girls have to bear, one can perhaps cut our heroine a little slack.However, when Mink insists on compounding her difficulties to infinite proportions by falling in love with handsome pop star – and professional Dragon Slayer – Dick Saucer, she really has put her heart before her head! Talk about problem dates! Will this turn out to be a love story where the hero really does get the girl… on the end of his sword?

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