[Adventure] Slayers Evolution-R (TV) (Sub) Full Raw

[Adventure] Slayers Evolution-R (TV) (Sub) Full Raw

Recap: "When a mysterious little animal, Pokota, came into our lives, things began to get complicated. I, Lina Inverse, and my self-proclaimed bodyguard Gourry, where caught up in Pokota`s crusade to save his home country of Taforashia. It started with an attempt to charge me with the crime of… get this… being Lina Inverse. And after that things just went downhill. We were attacked by an assassin and a stubby Marquette, and then dragged into a fight against a legendary evil monster that had been revived once again. Really, this is getting to be too much! Fortunately even legendary monsters are no match for Lina Inverse, or so I thought. There are still way too many riddles to solve. Who knows what will happen next." — from introTo find a way in rescuing Pokota`s country, Taforashia, which was sealed by Rezo after being hit by a deadly disease, Lina and her group are in search for the Hellmaster`s jar in which the Red Priest placed his soul after death.

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